Welcome to Dover Mothers' Association

A membership-based community for parents in Dover, MA

About Us

The Dover Mothers’ Association (“DMA”) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, serving parents of children in the town of Dover, Massachusetts. We offer a wide variety of programs and events for members, including children and family activities, adult social events, couples’ events, playgroups, and events specifically geared toward our working moms.  We also host a variety of community and charitable events, including the Dover CARES initiative.

The DMA is proud to be an active and integral part of our community for the past 15 years.  From planning events and activities for our members, their children, and our community to establishing and maintaining a vast network of neighbors, the DMA continues to grow and thrive.  What began as a small playgroup for mothers with young children has grown into an organization with more than 240 members.  Our members often rely on one another for recommendations, insight, and experience in our online forum.  Events provide opportunities to socialize, make friends, and be a part of the community.  Lasting friendships (both for children and for parents) have been borne out of our playgroups.  The DMA continues to grow each year, thanks to the hard-work and dedication of its volunteers.  We hope you’ll consider becoming a member today.


Annual membership fee is $47* for the academic calendar year beginning in September. Membership is only available to parents (no businesses) living in Dover, Massachusetts (or those who will be moving to Dover, Massachusetts within a few months).

Included in this membership fee will be access to the DMA’s secure online community, which will include: regular updates on DMA activities; invitations to member events; comprehensive calendar of community, school, and town library events; discussion forum and membership directory. This fee may also be used to pay for certain expenses and costs relating to member events and activities. Please note that there may be additional charges to attend certain programs and special events. Further, a portion of the membership fee covers the DMA’s organizational and operating expenses. This may include the cost of insuring the organization, and the cost of any legal and accounting charges.
*Membership fee reduced to $23.50 after March 1 st.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us at

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